Terms & Conditions

For your protection and that of our own, please read through our terms and conditions carefully before making use of any of our services:

1. Account registration and operation  Image result for account creation icons

You are required to open a user account on the website in order to gain access to its services and to purchase a ticket.

For the purpose of opening a user account, you will be required to provide information and documentation relating to, inter alia, your name, address, email and telephone number. At any point in time, we reserve the right to ask you for provisional information and documentation. Your user account may be suspended until satisfactory information and documentation is provided.

The Player undertakes to notify the company of any and all matters, including any change of personal information that might have a bearing on an approved registration.

You may not register an account with us if you do not have a previously terminated or suspended user account with us.

For various legal or commercial reasons, we do not permit accounts to be opened or used by Players resident in certain jurisdictions, you hereby represent and warrant that you do not violate any applicable law or regulation as a result of using the Services. It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with any and all laws apply to you before registering or participating in any activity through the Website.

You understand that we do not undertake the responsibility of maintaining usernames or passwords. If you misplace, forget or lose your Username or Password, we shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss associated with such occurrence;

Upon activation of your user account, you hereby represent, warrant, acknowledge and undertake towards us that:

1.1.1 The company accepts no responsibility for transactions placed illegally and the Player warrants that they are legally entitled to purchase with the Company from the jurisdiction in which they reside. It may be illegal for residents of some countries to participate with the companies’ products and access to the website does not imply it is legal to participate from any country.

1.1.2 Your submitted details during the process of registration are true, and that you will update them immediately upon any changes thereto;

1.1.3 You will absolutely not allow a third party to access your user account for any reason. You will only be afforded to you, one account;

1.1.4 any funds in your User Account shall not accrue any linkage differentials and/or interest whatsoever and are not and will not be insured;

1.1.5 You are of at least the minimum legal age of your particular jurisdiction as required to the use of the services, as well as being of sound mind and you are capable of taking full responsibility for your own actions;

1.1.6 We will have your full cooperation and on request will provide us with full documentation, and that the content therein will be completely truthful;

1.1.7 You have verified and determined that according to your full knowledge, your use of the service that we provide does not conflict with the laws and regulations of your jurisdiction;

1.1.8 You are responsible for recording, paying and accounting to any relevant governmental, taxation or other authority for any tax or other levies that may be payable due to your use of the Website (including, but not limited to, payment and receipt of Winnings).

1.1.9 You will use the service offered to you by us truthfully towards us and towards other users;

1.1.10 We may, at our own discretion, reserve the right to open, maintain and/or close your User Account if deemed fraudulent, as well as seize, retain and/or hold all or part of the funds held in your User Account, and that any such decision by us or any other decision by us in connection therewith shall be final and not subject to dispute or appeal;

1.1.11 You will bear full and sole responsibility for protecting the confidentiality of your own user account details (including, but not limited to, your Username and Password required for entering your User Account), and for any and all actions and transactions taken in connection with your User Account by anyone who enters your User Account while using your User Account details, and all such actions and transactions shall be deemed as actions and transactions taken by you without conferring any liability whatsoever upon Us;

1.1.12 Any and all unauthorised use of your user account will bear the full responsibility yourself; All purchases via your account will be considered valid and binding;

1.1.13 As soon as you suspect unauthorised use of your account, you will immediately inform us thereof;

1.1.14 You shall not make any chargebacks and/or deny or reverse any payment made by you in connection with the Services and/or the purchase of the Tickets.

1.1.15 In the event that you or a third party part-takes in any such illegal activities, we reserve the right to disclose any and all of the content of your User Account (including, but not limited to, personal identifiable information) to the relevant authorities, and to suspend and/or cancel your User Account and confiscate any and all funds in your User Account;

1.1.16 The method of payment information you provided to us in connection with your User Account is of means of payment owned by you and in your name (or that the owner of the means of payment provided you with all required consent to use that means of payment for using the Services and purchasing Tickets via the Website, and you are acting within the confines of that consent) and were not stolen or reported as lost;

1.1.17 We do not undertake any responsibility of validating the consent granted to you by the owner of the means of payment which you use;

1.1.18 You have not informed us of any addiction to gambling;

1.1.19 You will not cause damage to the website or impair the availability thereof;

1.1.20 You will not conduct any systematic or automated data collection activities on or in relation to the Website without our explicit written consent;

1.1.21 Participating on credit is not possible; and

1.1.22 If a Player is no longer able to read, understand, agree and comply with all the company rules, policies and terms and conditions, without exception, they undertake to cease operating their account immediately, and request the company to close the account. The company makes no guarantees as to the availability of our website, markets or prices. The company reserves the right to communicate with players unless the player has explicitly requested not to be communicated with.

1.1.23 In order to use our services and upon the purchase of a ticket, details, and method of payment details and/or transfer funds into your user account will be made available to us by you. Upon transfer of funds into your user account, they will be deposited into your user account upon actual receipt of funds by us. A maximum and minimum transfer limit of funds into and from your account may be applied, depending on your history with us, method of deposit, and other factors as determined by us in our sole and absolute discretion. We will debit your User Account and/or your means of payment at any time between the time in which you place a request to purchase the ticket and the time in which we purchase the ticket on your behalf.

2. Contractual parties   Image result for Contractual parties icons

In order to participate in any of the offered games on our website, a user must register and provide the details requested on the registration page or when required to do so when depositing.

Upon participation of any and all games of this website, the user hereby agrees to two separate agreements as described below:

2.1 Upon registration as well as when submitting a purchase, the user is knowingly entering into a contract with the company for the following services:

2.2 The use of the website; the operation and management of the user account; the payment of the user’s stakes to the messenger service.

3. Communication   Related image

3.1 The company reserves the right to communicate with players unless the player has explicitly requested not to be communicated with.

3.2 The player agrees to receive promotional emails/SMS unless explicitly requested not to receive any promotional communication.

4. Intellectual Property

4.1 All content, text, examples, and rules on this website are the property of The company and any unauthorised use or reproduction is prohibited.

4.2 The Player or any other party shall have no right to copy, in whole or in part, the Company’s products, software, and website and shall not modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, redistribute, re-sell or create derivative works based on The Company’s Product.

4.3 Any and all suspicions you may have of illegal, unlawful, fraudulent, money laundering activities performed in your user account will be reported by you to us immediately. Furthermore, you will not take part in any such activities including breaking into the website;

5. Playing the Game    Related image

5.1 Participating entries can only be considered valid for events place for future dates specified by the Player. The Company cannot process entries for an event after the cutoff date.

5.2 The cutoff time for entries will be before the official draw, any entries place after cutoff times will be considered invalid and refunded or placed into a future event.

5.3 The company exclusively reserves the right, to limit, reject and or cancel any transactions accepted and confirmed by The Company where The Company has either negligently, erroneously or otherwise offered or set incorrect prices, teams or event start times including but not limited to incorrect prices, teams or event start times.

5.4 Transactions are only valid when accepted in agreement with all of The Company’s rules, policies and terms and conditions.

5.5 Players may not play by any means not authorised by The Company, including but not limited to, robots and website or software manipulation. The Company reserves the right to cancel any purchases deemed to have been placed by unauthorised means.

5.6 Jackpot, 2nd and 3rd prize category winners of tickets tickets maybe insured to a maximum amount of € 250,000,000, where applicable, split and share their winnings proportionally with winner’s prize pool. In the event of multiple tickets containing related outcomes will be divided between the related selections unless specified otherwise.

5.7 Lottery games with estimated Jackpots above the insurance limit specified in point 5.6 will purchase via our Lottery message service, the Company will conclude the purchase of lottery Game entries at your request and on your behalf.

5.7 All entries placed for an event that has already past will either receive a full refund or placed into a future event.

6. Winnings    Related image

6.1 The calculation is different per underlying Lottery and category prize winnings, Jackpot prizes all lotteries will be paid out by the Company at the present Jackpot value of these amounts at the time of winnings unless specific otherwise. The Jackpot will depend on the number of the underlying lottery winning Tickets in that prize Category, the number of The Company Winning tickets in that Prize category, the payable prize by the underlying lottery operator for the underlying lottery winning tickets in that prize category as well as the underlying lottery jackpot in that prize category.

6.2 The Company may utilise the services of insurers to underwrite any of the potential winnings arising from any of the products offered by The Company and may be subject to certain terms of contract with these parties which may impose obligations requiring any winner to submit verification documentation and sign releases as a precondition to payment. You undertake that you shall do all such acts and things as may be necessary as a precondition of payment should you win and should such condition be required to be fulfilled.

6.3 The aforementioned notwithstanding, The Company will do all such acts and efforts required for the collections of the winnings from said ticket suppliers, risk managers or insurers, including by legal proceedings as may be necessarily subject to Players sole responsibility.

6.4 The Company shall claim all winnings on behalf of the player and will assign the winnings to the account nominated by the player. For the purposes of this agreement, winnings refer to all amounts which are from time to time due and payable to the player by the provider derived from winning tickets, fewer costs associated with claiming the winnings.

6.5 You accept that the company makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose.

7. Data Privacy Policy   Image result for Data Privacy Policy icon

7.1 All information supplied is strictly confidential, and the Player agrees to The Company privacy policy.

7.2 All Player personal information is stored securely by The Company and will not be shared with 3rd parties, other than information required to process 3rd party checks and payments, which will be transmitted securely to The Company’s processors.

8. General    Image result for General Policy icon

The company reserves the right to put a halt to or alter any aspect of the site at any time. If any provisions of the terms mentioned are deemed to be invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such a provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these terms, which shall remain in full effect.

No waiver of any term of these Terms shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such term or any other term, and a party’s failure to assert any right or provision under these Terms shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision.

In the event that The Company believes a Player is abusing a bonus or promotion, displaying irregular behaviour, or is likely to benefit through abuse or lack of good faith from a promotion offered by The Company, the Company may at its sole discretion withhold, deny or confiscate any bonus or promotion from the Player’s account. In this regard, The Company shall be under no obligation to refund any funds other than your original deposit amounts.

The Company is unable to alter any entries submitted. If you do not agree with any of the terms of this agreement, please refrain from utilising our services and website in any way.

The Company reserves the right to change or amend its rules, policies, terms and conditions at The Company’s discretion and without notice to Players.

The Player warrants that they have read understood, accepted and will comply with all The Company’s terms and conditions.

9. Refund Policy  Image result for refund policy icon

Once we receive your withdrawal request, we will inspect it and notify you status.After return is approved, we will initiate a refund to your bank account which you have mentioned in request. You will receive the credit within a certain amount of days, depending on your Banks policies.
We cannot refund exchange rate expenses from the original order or shipping expenses refund your payment. The minimum amount that we can offer for a refund is 100 USD.
We are not responsible for the errors, omissions, actions, or inactions of our partners, including the Bank Service, though we prefer to serve an advocate for the customer when addressing problems with Banks.
The winning amount will appear in customer Wallet immediately after lottery result however the actual amount transfer will require certain process defined by lottery providers.

10. What Appear on your credit card statement

Descriptor will show up as ALW*esmartgames442033188334 on his credit card statements.


11. Banking – Withdrawals   Image result for banking withdrawal ICON

11.1 All EFT deposits must reflect and be cleared before deposits are assigned to customer wallets and will require either a bank generated confirmation of your payment showing the account name before we will process a withdrawal.

11.2 Withdrawals from account will only be made to a bank account in the name of the Player.

11.4 Any bank charges relating to the withdrawal of winnings to a foreign bank account will be for the account of the client/account holder.

11.5 Payments will be processed on any weekday, excluding public holidays, subject to 24hrs notice to effect payment. The company may withhold payment pending receipt in its bank account of all money paid to the company by the Player.

11.6 The company reserves the right to charge transaction fees, including but not limited to, an amount equal to any credit card transaction fees.

11.7 The minimum Withdrawal amount is ?

11.8 Money held in by the company account may be refunded on request, subject to 24 hours’ notice to enable the company to verify that all of the Terms and Conditions have been complied with.

11.9 The company reserves the right to withhold a withdrawal of monies where it is suspected that the account is not being used for a legitimate purpose or where money laundering is suspected. An inspection will begin on the account and all fees incurred in processing transactions will be charged to the players account.

11.20 The company accepts no responsibility if the Player cannot take up the holiday as booked and will incur no further costs in the event that the trip is cancelled and/or rescheduled.

12.  Cancellation of purchases    Image result for CANCELLATION PURCHASE ICON

12.2 The company will review the possibility of cancelling your purchases and refunding you upon the following conditions:

12.3 Your order is legitimate and the entries in question have not yet been processed.

12.4 The company can cancel the entries if notified with sufficient time to do so.

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