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Esmartgames.com is a brand name of Esmartgames Limited, Reg No. 167,085, having its registered address at 9 Barrack Road, Belize City, Belize, Central America. 18+ to play.

Esmartgames.com  offers lotto betting .


What is Lotto Betting?

Lotto betting is making a bet on the result of the official lottery draw — specifically, which lottery balls (numbers) will be drawn.
You pick the numbers that you think will be drawn and if you guess correctly, you will win prizes — usually in the form of cash. The size of the prize will depend on the number of balls (numbers) you guess correctly.

Lotto Betting is not the same as buying a ticket into the official draw

In relations of selecting numbers, lotto betting could be the similar, nonetheless one is not buying a lottery ticket in the official draw. Lotto betting is steered through a separate self-governing company, such as Esmartgames, which is not connected in any way to the relevant lottery operator. Any money you win is paid out by Esmartgames, not the official lottery operator.For example you have bet on US PowerBall jackpot and correctly guess all of the numbers that are drawn. Esmartgames Will pay you draw amount, not the official PowerBall operator in the US.

eSsmartGames match the prizes of official lottery operators

Esmartgames would match the prizes of each tier, including the jackpot, that the official lottery operators pay out, as if you had won with an official lottery ticket.

So, for example, let’s say you bet on a lottery, such as the US PowerBall, and you guess 5 numbers (but not the PowerBall). This would win you the second prize tier which is about €800,000. Esmartgames will match this prize and pay you the prize money.

How can eSsmartGame pays such high jackpot amounts?

Esmartgames operates an insurance model which protects each bet some one play. Esmartgames will pay all smaller wins directly from the revenue they receive from sales. Larger jackpot wins will be covered by eSsmartGame insurance model.This insurance-based business model enables Esmartgames to offer their players the ability to win huge jackpots, offered by official lottery operators, from all over the world.

Why not just buy a lottery ticket?

Our offer is very different; for starters, we don’t sell physical tickets. Everything is done online, plus we are not connected to the relevant lottery operator.



This website (www.esmartgames.com)  is licensed Esmartgames Limited, Reg No. 167,085, having its registered address at 9 Barrack Road, Belize City, Belize, Central America,  No persons under the age of 18 are permitted to gamble.